CB Memberships levels

We have different levels of memberships.


Includes debrief

This is the level where your business understands how you are connected to a larger system. Conscious presence is increasing at all levels of your organization. It can be sensed in your leadership, your culture and how purposefully you work together with your stakeholders. This is the level where the inner work your business has done, begins to move more intentionally to outer work and you can begin to transform your market and engage in a systematic process of transformation.

At this level, you have access to:

  • All facilities for the Explorative, Initiative & Transformative levels
  • Be the inspiring conscious leader: Your business case will be part of the bi monthly conscious business story sharing sessions and published more widely.
  • CB membership Logo: To show you are part of the movement, supporting and spreading it, as a company you can use the special Conscious Business logo.
  • CB Movement page: As a conscious company the world knows about your higher purpose, what your short term goals are to realize your purpose and how you are going to report on it. You have your space on the movement page.
  • Additional Membership-benefits:  Access to the Development & Research program

Offerings and Services

  • CB Scan
  • CB scan debrief
  • CB Activator
  • LinkedIn group
  • European CB calls
  • NewsLetter
  • CB case calls
  • CB Tools
  • CB Movement page
  • CB membership Logo

Membership benefits

  • Events / Conscious Business Summits
  • CEO round tables
  • Masterclass*
  • Executive Program*
  • Stakeholder Inclusion Hubs Process
  • Tailored workshops
  • R&D Program*
* in cooperation with Impact Centre Erasmus (ICE), Erasmus University