CB Memberships levels

We have different levels of memberships.


This is the level (for free) of finding what it takes for companies to be successful for all their stakeholders and to discover where your organisation is on the spectrum of a conscious business. You will receive information to explore the topic and start thinking what you can do to transform.

At this level, you have access to:

  • CB Scan or the Conscious Business Scan shows where your organisation is at this moment
    • on the scale of being a conscious business
    • on the four pillars
    • in relation to your stakeholders
  • CB Activator is a whitepaper that will help you shape a plan on how to move your company into being successful for all your stakeholders
  • LinkedIn group: it is all about connection to the people on the same journey. You are invited to this group.
  • Inspiring newsletters: with cases, stories, tools & methods about being a conscious business
  • Participation in monthly calls: connecting you to a growing, emergent network of conscious leaders.

Offerings and Services

  • CB Scan
  • LinkedIn group
  • European CB calls
  • NewsLetter

Membership benefits

  • Events / Conscious Business Summits

0.00 excl. Vat / year