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Curious to dive deeper?

The scan has given you a quick overview of where you stand on the conscious business spectrum. By doing the scan and reading the report you may have developed some ideas on how to improve your business. A debrief with one of our Conscious Business Catalyst will give you deeper understanding and insight in what you can do and where to begin.

Together you can identify the areas with the biggest opportunity and understand their effects and implications. Depending on where you are now, you can create long- and short-term development strategies for your business and your stakeholders for mutual thriving and success.

In a one-on-one debrief we will look closely of what your present scores on the different pillars mean and how you can improve these:

  • To what extent do you have a Higher purpose, what does it take to make it stronger and experience the benefits
  • The roll of conscious leadership, at what level is it now and what can be done to raise it
  • What the foundation of your company culture is. What aspects are limiting you and what drives you forward.
  • The value of stakeholder integration. How to create a high level of value adding cooperation

350.00 excl. Vat

Includes membership Initiative